Technically, second cousins, not that it matters. They are the only two surviving members of Bereg’s royal family. They are also in this weird situation where Prince Meled, the heir apparent, is actually older than the reigning gosudar and used to be his regent (and had vigorously resisted becoming a Regent for Life as many […]

This is NOT the launch of the webcomic yet 🙂 This is, however, an attempt to put to put together a page. While there are some things I’m happy about, like colour scheme and posing, I don’t like the sound effects much, and I’m still debating whether the dialogue font is too small. And I’m […]

Phew, I finally managed to put them together. Well, almost. I’m still itching to improve the bridle and Meled’s grip on it, but I’m going to do the right thing here and put them into the shot first. Because it is perfectly possible that the grip won’t even be visible. It’s barely visible as it […]

I’ve been trying to figure out a workflow for my webcomic for a while now. This might be a reinvented wheel, but I sort of had to reinvent it, because I couldn’t find much information on how to design comics using a 3D program. Either my research skills failed me or the technique is relatively […]

Well, strange and totally unexpected though it is, looks like 2018 is here, after all. Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂

I finally managed to rig my horse, yay! The next step is to adjust the texture a bit, because I think it looks a bit metallic now. And the step after that is horse tack, for which I’m very excited as I get to make a Bereghin saddle. That is, to research 17th century Polish […]

This one isn’t historical at all – I mixed in Muscovy, Byzantium, and possibly a bit of Georgia. Hey, I never said Bereghins were based purely on Slavs! Anyway, medieval Slavic female dresses tended to hang loose, and I wanted  a well-defined waist. Partially for aesthetic reasons, partially because belts are status symbols in Bereg […]

Finished a couple of extras for the webcomic. These two guys are guards! guards! sharpshooters. The Bereghin army, as of the story’s beginning, is still half-feudal, relying heavily on whatever the nobility can field when the monarch calls upon it. The sharpshooters, however, along with the hussars, represent an  attempt to organize a regular army. […]

Because one does not simply leave a supposedly finished location alone. I hope the urge to tweak something else will go away once the webcomic is underway and the panel is published, but I’m not betting any money on that. To be fair, though, I changed quite a lot this time, and I am much, […]

Purely an exercise, since the final panel will have a different shape. Also, I’m not quite satisfied with Yarik’s expression here. He is supposed to be startled (because a knife hit the mast just as he was walking by),  but so far he’s more of…  disapproving, I think? Anyway, here’s the process: