Wow, I haven’t posted in a month. I’m still alive and well, and still working on At War’s Edge, I swear. Here’s proof: an in-progress location. This will be the marshal’s study in Reulga (the capital of Halcia), though for now it only has the floor and the table. And, well, the marshal. I had […]

Okay, a small portion of the main cast. A very small portion of the main cast. And not all of them are really main cast – Lamorie is around a lot, but he’s more of a supporting character ๐Ÿ™‚ I was originally trying to make a snapshot of the marshal’s flight crew at the beginning […]

One more character ready to go. She’s a guivre – a rational wyvern capable of turning into a human – which meant I had to make her twice, in human form and in wyvern form. As I was finishing up with her today, I also realized that her plot role is what TV Tropes website […]

The funny thing about worldbuilding is that it’s practically impossible to come up with anything truly original. The fun thing about worldbuilding is that, in building your supposedly alien and fantastical world, you get to explore the real world from all kinds of unexpected angles. See, my fantasy world has no organized religions. The primary […]

An officiary, in Halcia, is the position combining the responsibilities of the foreign minister and the chief of intelligence. ะขhis particular marshal also happens to be the commander-in-chief of the republic. So this is basically the Halcian war machine personified and getting drunk over that fact. The marshal is on the left in black, the […]

Necromancy is generally disapproved of on the Uncharred. In the same way that carpet bombing is disapproved of in our world – you’re not supposed to do that to civilians and you had better not try it without orders from the government. Colonel Neia Teyr is Marshal Deguisay’s staff necromancer, and she doesn’t look it […]

I’ve been working on naming conventions for Bereg, which turned out a bit more research-heavy than I expected. The Republic of Halcia was a lot easier. Its cultures are based primarily on the Western Europe and the names follow the familiar “name + occasional middle name + surname or two” pattern. The most fun I […]

Technically, second cousins, not that it matters. They are the only two surviving members of Bereg’s royal family. They are also in this weird situation where Prince Meled, the heir apparent, is actually older than the reigning gosudar and used to be his regent (and had vigorously resisted becoming a Regent for Life as many […]

This is NOT the launch of the webcomic yet ๐Ÿ™‚ This is, however, an attempt to put to put together a page. While there are some things I’m happy about, like colour scheme and posing, I don’t like the sound effects much, and I’m still debating whether the dialogue font is too small. And I’m […]

Phew, I finally managed to put them together. Well, almost. I’m still itching to improve the bridle and Meled’s grip on it, but I’m going to do the right thing here and put them into the shot first. Because it is perfectly possible that the grip won’t even be visible. It’s barely visible as it […]