Because one does not simply leave a supposedly finished location alone. I hope the urge to tweak something else will go away once the webcomic is underway and the panel is published, but I’m not betting any money on that. To be fair, though, I changed quite a lot this time, and I am much, […]

Purely an exercise, since the final panel will have a different shape. Also, I’m not quite satisfied with Yarik’s expression here. He is supposed to be startled (because a knife hit the mast just as he was walking by),  but so far he’s more of…  disapproving, I think? Anyway, here’s the process:  

This is not a new character. But I just had to play with chiaroscuro right now.

So, after some thought, I figured I’d keep up this blog as well 🙂 I also decided I’ll try to post weekly, reporting the progress for the past week, as a way to keep myself accountable. This particular post is a report for the entire November, though. So, the update for November: 1. A moored […]

Well, wow. It’s been literally over a year since I wrote here. On the off-chance that someone still remembers me here and is curious – I’m still alive and well, and still working away on my webcomic, which I still haven’t launched. But I’ve gotten so much closer 🙂 I’ve also just started a brand-new […]

I was working out the nobility system for my setting the other day, and, while I’m reasonably familiar with several historical ones, I couldn’t restrain myself from some further research. Along the way, I read a few “how to” articles on the topic. What surprised me was the amount of griping about writers/ movie-makers getting […]

I’ve been trying to get my low-poly characters to look presentable for quite a while now. Hair especially was giving me trouble: I have a setting where everybody and their dog has long hair, but the v-count my laptop can handle is only so high.  Solution: normal maps! Works for nearly everything, hair included. I […]

…that they dance Flamenco in overcoats, steel gorgets and winter boots! )) Who knew graphic novels can have outtakes, too? See, the shooting plan for this week was the flying scene. Everything’s ready: the wyverns, the saddles, the reins, even the saddlebags. Problem is, the characters keep refusing to mount – their overcoats bristle when […]

What they said, basically. Models and props are mostly done (for the first few scenes, anyway). Production time! But maybe a few days off first. Catch up on sleep and other real life 🙂

I’ve finally reached the stage where I’m rendering the final images and making them into panels. Okay, maybe not quite “final”. For example, here’s a soon-to-be Panel 01.2: For those of you wondering, this image was composed in Gimp out of four layers, three of them Blender-produced: Foreground: people, snow, nearby rock – rendered in […]